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trakked's pricing structure is based on usage and thus charged retroactively. This means, you can test for 30 days before the first charge. Convince yourself of the advantages and functions of our Contao monitoring tool.

To help you get started as quickly as possible, we explain the necessary steps based on the fictitious customer "Helen Lewis".
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Helen is the technical director of the agency "ContaoRocks" and has trouble keeping track of all her Contao projects, so she wants to try trakked.

First Helen needs a user account, then she sets up an organisation and configures the means of payment, after which she can add her Contao installations.

Step 1

Create new user account

She calls up the page for creating a user account and enters the required data. Afterwards, she hits the confirmation link in the email to complete the registration.

Step 2

Set up organisation and configure means of payment

Now Helen has to create her first organisation. She can subscribe to notifications, check all the information about the pricing structure, choose the name of the organisation and a country for the VAT calculation. Finally, she configures the payment method and has now successfully created her organisation. The payment means are not debited for the first 30 days.

Step 3

Add Contao installations

Helen now adds one or more installations to her new organisation and connects them via the Contao Manager. In addition, she can also activate the uptime monitoring if required. That's it and she can now test all trakked features without restrictions for 30 days.

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If Helen is not convinced of the usefulness of trakked within the test period, she can delete the organisation again with a few clicks and no costs will be incurred.

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