€ 24.90 plus tax
Monthly billing
  • 10 trakked installations included

    A "trakked" installation is defined by an active Contao Manager connection and/or configured uptime monitoring. Each additional monitored installation costs 2.49 € per month plus tax.

  • Unlimited number of users

    Add any number of user accounts per organization.

  • Unlimited number of entries

    You can manage as many "untrakked" installations as you like and thus replace your Excel lists, for example. Only the "trakked" installations have an impact on the costs.

  • Access to all functions

    Use all available features of trakked. There are no hidden add-ons or limitations.

  • No risk! Cancelable at any time

    Monthly term, no cancellation periods

Test 30 days without commitment

The pricing model of trakked is usage-based and we bill you retroactively for the actual demand. Thus, you can test trakked for 30 days without commitment before you receive the first invoice. Convince yourself of the advantages and features of our Contao maintenance toolbox.


Satisfied customers

Calculator for maintenance contracts

trakked supports you in earning money with maintenance contracts

Maintenance contracts have several advantages. On one hand they generate steady and guaranteed income and on the other hand they may even provide you with more net profit if your contract amount is higher than if you had been charging the customer for your actual efforts. Go and calculate youself how much money you can save using trakked.



Search & filter

You can customize the output of the installations in the dashboard to your needs thanks to the granular search and filter function.


You can create your own labels and group and filter your installations just the way you need.


You can add important notes to your installations to ensure target-oriented collaboration.

Contao version

The Contao version is automatically synchronized and displayed. You will also find out if an update is necessary if there are any security vulnerabilities.

PHP version

The PHP version is automatically syncrhonized out and displayed. You will also find out if the support for this version is about to expire.

PHP version history

The PHP version history tracks when your hosting provider has installed a new PHP version.

PHP info

You can view the PHP info with detailed information about your server's PHP configuration.

Number and list of extensions

You get an overview of all installed extensions and can filter the list by them.


In addition to the standard links (website, Contao back end, Contao Manager, Install Tool), you can add any other links per installation.

Single sign-on to Contao Manager

You can log in to Contao Manager via Single Sign-On (SSO) without entering your password again.

Log viewer

trakked collects the log files of your Contao installations and displays the error messages clearly in one place.



Automated Contao Manager updates

trakked automatically updates the Contao Manager for you in the background.

Prepare updates

You can prepare updates and see what the package differences they would actually execute before even installing them.

Install updates

Once you have prepared an update, you can update an installation. After that, the install tool must be called to make any database adjustments.
The update function of trakked is only suitable for bugfix releases.

Update history

In the update history you can see who triggered an update and when it was installed.

Automated detection of changes

trakked automatically detects if packages have changed in your Contao installation. This way, the update log is always up to date and you can precisely track which changes have been made for each individual installation.

Pending database migrations

trakked recognizes pending database migrations. This way you can make sure that you don't miss out on any migrations and that the databases are always up to date.

Backup of composer files

The files «composer.json»and «composer.lock» are automatically saved with every update, so you can download an older version and install it on your server if needed.

Disable Update Feature

If you want to update individual systems without trakked, you can disable the update function.

Automated Git Commits

If needed, you can have trakked automatically commit the "composer.lock" to your Git repository with each successful update.



List of security vulnerabilities

You will receive a list with all found vulnerabilities and affected packages. Additionally you can get further information about the vulnerability.



Uptime monitoring

With the monitoring of UptimeRobot, trakked continuously monitors the availability and informs you via email in case of any issues.

Monitoring logs

You can view the average uptime of the last 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours with activated monitoring.

Average response time

You can see the average response time of your installation over the last 24 hours.

TLS/SSL certificate

You can see how long your TLS/SSL certificates are valid and get informed before they expire.



Weekly summary of your installations

To make sure you never lose track, we will send you a summary e-mail of your installations every Monday.

Add individual reminders

You can create reminder notifications for every installation and get notified at a specified point in time.


Can I start with less than 10 installations?

Yes, this is possible. However, at least the base price of € 24.90 plus tax per month will be charged.

What does "trakked installation" mean?

We use the term "trakket" for installations that are monitored automatically (version queries of an installation and/or uptime monitoring). However, you can manage as many installations as you want in each package and thus replace your Excel lists, for example. Only the "traced" installations have an influence on your quota.

How does the 30 days trial period work?

All functions are immediately available to you. If you are not convinced of the benefits within the trial period of 30 days, you can delete the organization with a few clicks and there will be no costs. If you are satisfied, you simply continue to use your organization and we will debit your deposited payment means with the amount due after 30 days.

Is trakked also available as a selfhosted version?

No, we only offer trakked as a cloud service.

With which Contao versions is trakked compatible?

trakked only requires a current Contao Manager to monitor your Contao 4 and Contao 5 installations. For Contao 3.5 only a limited feature set is available.

Do you offer a GDPR data processing agreement?

Yes, in fact, you cannot even create an organization without accepting our data processing agreement.

How do I pay?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover and Diners Club cards or use PayPal.

How can I cancel my trakked subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by deleting the desired organzation.

How can I change my VAT ID number?

Our product is officially sold through our merchant of record Paddle, so they are also responsible for the correct handling of taxes. If you have any questions regarding taxes or want to change or specify your VAT ID number, please get in touch with their support directly.

How can I change my billing address?

Go to the "Payment Receipts" section under "Organisations" and click "Paid" on the most recent invoice. You will end up at our payment provider paddle and there you will not only find your billing receipt but you can also click a link "Edit business address" under the address to edit your address.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch with us.

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