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To track Contao installations, you must first set up an organisation. Use different organisations to give people different access roles.

Standard (Organisation)
€ 24.90 plus tax
Monthly billing
  • 30 day trial
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of installations
  • 10 trakked installations*
  • Equivalent to € 2.49 per trakked installation

* We use the term "trakked" for installations that are monitored automatically (Contao Manager connection and/or uptime monitoring). However, you can manage as many installations as you want and thus replace your Excel lists, for example. Only the "trakked" installations generate costs.

Do you need more than 10 trakked installations?

Every additional monitored installation costs € 2.49 per month plus tax,
with pro-rata billing at the end of the month.

Customer testimonial

weitzeldesign has been using trakked for a little more than three years.
Initially used for the overview of Contao installations, with version 2 it became a tool that helps to keep track of the status not only of Contao bundles, but also of the other (Symfony) bundles.
Updates for customers with maintenance contracts can be done in a timely and predictable manner - in one central place!
Indispensable if you offer professional support for customers.
The elegant interface is intuitive, fun to use and elegantly handles administrative tasks.

trakked provides us with an elegant overview of all Contao installations that we support. All essential information is available and filterable. In combination with the Contao Manager, trakked even prepares Contao updates for installation.
The continuous monitoring of the accessibility of the websites (monitoring) completes the user experience.

Holger Hägele
Himbeerrot GmbH

I use trakked to keep track of the different Contao installations that I am responsible for. Via trakked, I quickly receive various information about my installations, such as the PHP version used on the web server, the version of the Contao Manager and of Contao itself - this is a great help, especially for upcoming updates. With the possibility of monitoring and corresponding notification emails, I am also informed promptly if an installation should ever be unavailable. This allows me to immediately take further actions to solve any problems that may arise.

We are very happy with trakked and it builds the foundation of our maintenance contracts, so we can easily monitor our Contao installations. With trakked, we can instantly see which versions are used and thus need an update. The data is also displayed directly on our office dashboard via the API.

Ulrich Feldmann
redmind GmbH

To me, trakked is an indispensable tool for organising my Contao projects. I can see the installed Contao version and the PHP version used at a glance and with the push of a button, I can launch the Contao Manager of the respective setup. This replaces my Excel spreadsheets and also saves me a lot of time with updates. Through the integrated uptime monitoring, I am quickly informed if a website is not available.

Since the update to 2.0, trakked not only provides an overview of Contao version, PHP version and availability (UptimeRobot), but also supports us immensely in fulfilling our maintenance contracts - we keep track of security updates and can prepare updates for multiple installations in a time-saving manner. We are also pleased that we can conveniently add information via our own label - e.g. about the billing period of the maintenance contract or the hoster used.

Christian Bargon
Christian Bargon Multimediadesign

Calculator for maintenance contracts

trakked supports you in earning money with maintenance contracts

Maintenance contracts have several advantages. On one hand they generate steady and guaranteed income and on the other hand they may even provide you with more net profit if your contract amount is higher than if you had been charging the customer for your actual efforts. Go and calculate youself how much money you can save using trakked.


How can I change my VAT ID number?

Our product is officially sold through our merchant of record Paddle, so they are also responsible for the correct handling of taxes. If you have any questions regarding taxes or want to change or specify your VAT ID number, please get in touch with their support directly.

How do I pay?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover and Diners Club cards or use PayPal.

Can I start with less than 10 installations?

Yes, this is possible. However, at least the base price of € 24.90 plus tax per month will be charged.

How does the 30 days trial period work?

All functions are immediately available to you. If you are not convinced of the benefits within the trial period of 30 days, you can delete the organization with a few clicks and there will be no costs. If you are satisfied, you simply continue to use your organization and we will debit your deposited payment means with the amount due after 30 days.

What does "trakked installation" mean?

We use the term "trakket" for installations that are monitored automatically (version queries of an installation and/or uptime monitoring). However, you can manage as many installations as you want in each package and thus replace your Excel lists, for example. Only the "traced" installations have an influence on your quota.

How can I cancel my trakked subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by deleting the desired organzation.

With which Contao versions is trakked compatible?

trakked only requires a current Contao Manager to monitor your Contao 4 installations. For Contao 3.5 only a limited feature set is available.

Is trakked also available as a selfhosted version?

No, we only offer trakked as a cloud service.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch with us.