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On this page we have put together a selection of the features that have already been implemented. In addition, you can find out which innovations we are currently working on and if you are missing a feature, you can send us your wishes.

Contao updates

You can update all Contao installations in no time via our update service. In addition, you will receive an update history for all updates made via trakked.

Uptime monitoring

You can monitor the availability of your installations with the monitoring of UptimeRobot and of course you can also pause the monitoring.


In addition to the automatically generated labels, such as Contao and PHP version, you can create your own and filter your installations granularly.

Extension listing

With only a few clicks you can see which extensions are used in your portfolio and display the version constraints and used versions for given installations. Of course you can also filter for them!

Email notifications

You will receive an email if your installations are not available and you will be informed about security vulnerabilities and new Contao versions.

Monitoring logs

You can view the last 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours for each installation with activated monitoring and get the average availability.

Search & filter

You can customise the output of the installations in the dashboard to your needs thanks to the finely granulated search and filter function.

Security vulnerabilities

You can filter the installations according to security vulnerabilities and receive detailed information per installation.


You can add important notes to your installations to ensure goal-oriented collaboration.

Contao Manager

You can see when a synchronisation with the Contao Manager last took place and you can also trigger it manually.

Traffic light system

A traffic light system tells you whether your Contao or PHP version is actively supported (green), only in security-only mode (orange) or no longer supported (red).

PHP info

You can view the PHP info with detailed information about the PHP configuration of your server.

Permission levels

You can continue to invite people for an organisation, whereby we distinguish between owner and member. If owner:in is selected, all information of an organisation can be managed.

Transparent costs

As an organisation owner, you can see when the next bill is due and see a forecast of how much it will be.

Budget limit

When you create an organisation, a budget limit is set in EUR. This prevents you from exceeding the budget limit when adding an installation.

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