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On this page we have put together a selection of the features that have already been implemented. In addition, you can find out which innovations we are currently working on and if you are missing a feature, you can send us your wishes.

Contao updates

Save precious time with our update feature. With just a few clicks, you can update all your Contao installations from within a single application. Thanks to the integrated update history, you can keep track of all updates.

Uptime monitoring

Ensure the availability of your websites and react quickly to outages. With the monitoring technology of UptimeRobot, trakked continuously monitors the permanent availability and informs you immediately via email in case of any issues.


Keep track of your installations easily. In addition to automatically generated labels, such as for the Contao and PHP versions, you can create your own labels to group and filter your installations.

Extension listing

With just a few clicks you can find out which Contao extensions are used in your installations. It is possible to filter by them as well as to display all the ones installed on a particular installation.

Database migrations

trakked recognizes pending database migrations. This way you can make sure that you don't miss out on any migrations and that the databases are always up to date.

Backup of composer files

The files «composer.json»and «composer.lock» are automatically saved with every update, so you can download an older version and install it on your server if needed.

Email notifications

From now on, you will never miss a new Contao release. We will inform you immediately via email if a Contao update is available or if a new security vulnerability has been fixed.

Monitoring logs

We continuously monitor your website for reachability. If monitoring is enabled, you can view the last 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours and see the average availability.

Search & filter

Find the right installation in seconds. With our granular search and filter function, you can customize the output of the installations in the dashboard to your needs.

Security vulnerabilities

trakked monitors every installation for known security vulnerabilities. You will receive an email and all affected installations will be marked. Using the filter function, you can easily find all affected installations and get detailed information about the vulnerabilities.


You can add important notes to your installations to ensure target-oriented collaboration.

Contao Manager

trakked automatically updates the Contao Manager for you in the background. This way, the Contao Manager is always up to date and the annoying waiting time for the next login is eliminated. In addition, you can use Single Sign-On (SSO) to log in to Contao Manager without having to enter your password again.

Traffic light system

Using the traffic light system, you can see whether your Contao or PHP version is actively supported (green), is only in security-only mode (orange) or support has already expired (red) at a glance.

PHP info

Get detailed information about your server's PHP configuration with the built-in PHP info button. We also record the history of PHP versions used, so you can track when your hosting provider has installed a new PHP version.

Permission levels

For easy collaboration in your team, you can add as many people as you want to your organization. We distinguish between owner and member. Only owners can manage all information of an organization.


If you use a GIT repository for your installation, trakked can automatically commit the current "composer.lock" to the respective repository after each update.

Transparent costs

You pay a fixed amount per installation and get all the features in return. As the owner your organization, you immediately see when the next invoice is due and get a prediction of how much you will have to pay.

Budget limit

No unexpected costs at the end of the month! When you create an organization, a budget limit in EUR is set. This prevents you from exceeding the budget limit when adding an installation.

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