Our latest feature will especially delight you if you only take a look at our trakked app on an irregular basis. You can now optionally get a weekly summary from trakked showing the current status of all your installations delivered right into your inbox!

Workflow up until today

Up to now, you have only received e-mails when the up or down status of your installations had changed. For all other errors or problems there was no notification. So it could easily happen that you only found out about Manager connection problems or even security vulnerabilities when you logged into the app again after a while. Although we log into trakked regularly ourselves, we still missed some issues occasionally. That's why we are introducing the new weekly summaries!

How to enable the weekly summary

In order to receive the weekly summaries by email, you need to activate the notification for every organization.

  1. Log in to trakked
  2. Click on the "user icon" in the upper right corner and choose "settings"
  3. Click on "Notifications" in the navigation
  4. Activate the weekly summary for each desired organization

That's it! From now on you will receive an overview every Monday via email. If the email does not arrive, please check your spam filter and add the sender to the list of allowed origins.

Other improvements

In addition, we have made minor optimizations in trakked over the last few weeks.
Maybe you have already noticed and used the improvements!

Here is an overview:

  • Reminders can now be edited
  • Filter groups can be hidden if needed
  • The server response time is now listed directly in the overview
  • In the overview only the status "offline" or "online" is shown and no number of days anymore

Check out all new features in the video:

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We are already planning a further improvement in notifications so that you will be informed even quicker in case of security vulnerabilities.

Of course we appreciate your feedback and hope you consider recommending trakked to others.

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