After more than 1500 hours of work and numerous extra hours, trakked 2.0 is finally here! From now on, all existing and future customers can use the new features.

In this article you will get the latest information about the new trakked version.

Contao only

As Contao specialists, we will focus exclusively on the CMS Contao in the future. Our goal is to provide all Contao users with a tool that allows them to monitor their Contao installations in one central place.

However, trakked is more than just a replacement for your Excel list or a simple monitoring tool for Contao. trakked helps you save time, fulfil your maintenance contracts, informs you about security vulnerabilities, performs updates and thus contributes to the professionalization of Contao.

New in trakked 2.0

The current version was developed from scratch and offers not only a fancy new interface, but also numerous innovations and improvements, which we have already covered in our previous blog articles:

More details can be found in the feature overview.

New pricing

In the future, billing will take place via the payment provider paddle. Existing customers will be informed about the migration process to paddle via email. All existing FastSpring subscriptions have already been cancelled.

One tariff for everything
As a base you need at least one paid organisation. This includes 10 trakked installations and all features. Each additional trakked installation costs 2.49 € per month plus tax, with pro-rata billing at the end of the month.

Never lose track of the costs
To avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month, we have set up a budget limit. In addition, you can always see the projected costs for your organisation.

You can find out more about our pricing here.

Maintenance contracts

We want to contribute to the professionalisation of Contao. That's why we recommend to establish maintenance contracts with your customers and keep Contao up to date.

Maintenance contracts have several advantages. They keep the system up to date, generate guaranteed revenue for you and ensure you stay in regular contact with your customers. trakked usually pays off after the third maintenance contract. The best way to find out is to use our calculator for maintenance contracts.

PS: Linking and sharing is explicitly allowed and desired ;-)

Test now

trakked's pricing structure is based on usage and thus charged retroactively. This means, you can test for 30 days without any charge.

Convince yourself of the advantages and features of our Contao monitoring tool.

try it out now

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