Especially in this day and age, websites are more than just nice-to-have. For many companies, a web presence is an important part of presenting their products and services.

trakked supports you with intelligent uptime monitoring and automatic notifications.

As soon as you have activated the uptime monitoring, our software takes over the monitoring of your website automatically.

Not only is a simple ping check carried out, but trakked also checks things like:

  1. Can the connection to the server be established?
  2. Is everything OK with the SSL certificate?
  3. Does the specified search text match the website?
  4. Do we receive the HTTP status code 200 from the server?

As soon as a problem occurs, you will immediately receive a notification by email and can take the necessary measures.

You can also define several recipients for the notification and they will be informed at the same time.

Independent of the notifications, you can track all status changes at any time with the help of the monitoring log and also determine the duration of the downtime.

A frequent request from our customers was that the monitoring could be paused, and we have now included this as well. In future, you will be able to prevent unwanted emails during maintenance work.

By the way: Reliable uptime monitoring requires a lot of know-how and the ability to react quickly to all the peculiarities of the internet with network failures and much more. We rely on UptimeRobot for this.

Once again, we have prepared a short video for you so that you can get an insight into what this will look like.

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Using the trakked logo as quick access to information

To give you a quick overview of the status of your installations, we use the four bars of our logo as sort of a traffic light system.

In the following illustration you can see the meaning of the individual areas:

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