On the occasion of the Contao conference, we at trakked have integrated a small but effective improvement in trakked. Single Sign-On (SSO) to the Contao Manager is now available.

Thanks to this new feature, you can open the Contao Manager with a single click from within trakked without having to enter your login details again. This allows you to perform database updates even faster after a Contao update, for example.

As soon as you click, data is downloaded from YouTube and thus your IP address is submitted to their servers. For more information on data protection regarding our newsletter, please visit our privacy policy.

Here are a few answers to possible questions

Is the login secure without a password?

If you take a closer look at the URL, you'll see that there is a token present. Maybe you ask yourself now: Can I simply save the link in my favorites? No, the generated token is only valid for 30 seconds and can only be used once. This ensures that the link is not shared publicly or passed on without authorization.

How do you setup SSO in trakked?

In order to use this feature, an active connection to the Contao Manager is required. Also, your user in the organization must have the "Owner" permission. For security reasons, SSO is disabled for regular "members".

Why didn't this feature exist before?

trakked and the Contao Manager depend on each other. What the Contao Manager does not provide, trakked cannot use. For this reason, the Contao Manager first had to be enhanced with a "one-time passwordless authentication" feature.

On behalf of trakked, Andy has now integrated the corresponding feature in version 1.7.0. Since the Contao Manager is open source, the whole community will benefit from it. More information can also be found in the API documentation.

Our goal is to make your Contao maintenance tasks easier and simpler. Because we know that time is a precious commodity and as a web developer or administrator you do not want to spend your time on tedious processes.

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