We are happy to announce new features for trakked again! This time it we are shipping exports for monitoring and update logs. Furthermore, you can now manage individual links for every installation. To help you find your way around faster, we have created a small cheat sheet.

Check out the new features in this short video:

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Export monitoring logs

Probably the most common use case is that you had trouble reaching a given website and you want to send a list of downtimes to your hosting provider for further investigation. This list can now be downloaded with just a few clicks.

This is how it works

Open the installation in question and navigate to "Monitoring". Here you click on the button "Monitoring Log" and find the new "arrow icon" in the upper right corner to start the export of the data in CSV format.

Export update history

In addition to the monitoring logs, an export of the update history can be downloaded for every installation. If you offer maintenance contracts for Contao, you can easily prove your documentation and updates to your customers.

This is how it works

Open the installation in question and navigate to "Updates". Here you click on the button "Update history" and you find an "arrow icon" again in the upper right corner to start the export. When the data is prepared, you can choose between Excel and CSV format. The formats differ only in the separator, where a comma is used for CSV and semicolon for Excel.

Tip for Excel

If the data is not automatically divided into columns, you can use the "Text in columns" function and select the semicolon as the separator. After the import you should adjust the row height so that all packages are visible.

Manage individual links per installation

You can think of this feature a little bit like your browser bookmarks: You can now add additional links in addition to the standard links (website, Contao back end, Contao Manager, Install Tool) per installation, e.g. for the hosting control panel, webmail or whatever.

This is how it works

Open the installation in question. Then click on the link icon. A list with the existing links will be displayed. To add further links, click on "Manage" and you can now manage your additional links as you wish. The sorting can be changed later and of course links can be deleted again.

Cheat sheet for a better overview of the features

Where was that again? Admittedly, it's not always easy to remember all the icons, keyboard shortcuts and features of trakked. That's why we sat down together and Alex created an overview for you, which you can now download and print as a PDF.

That's it!

We appreciate your ideas and comments. This is the only way we know how we can best support you with trakked and further improve our product. We are already excited about the next features. How about you?

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