Are you as excited as we are about the new trakked version? In this article you will get a first insight into the frequently requested label and filter function.

For the last few weeks, Andy has been sacrificing his free time, social duties and beauty sleep to work on designing the new GUI for trakked. See for yourself:

What are the advantages of labels and how can you use them in trakked?

Labels are created automatically based on the information provided. For example, labels are created for metadata such as the PHP and Contao versions.

In addition, you are free to create your own labels and groups and assign them to your installations. For example, you can tag the hosting provider, maintenance contracts, multilingualism or special features such as the use of a particular theme.

The individual grouping ensures an overview even with a large number of labels. So there are no limits to your creativity and your mania for order.

If necessary, you can now find your installations with the click of a button. The filters can also be combined or even reversed. I.e. filter for all installations that are "NOT" Contao 4.9.11.

Since pictures speak louder than words, here is a short video.

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