Over the last weeks, Andy and Yanick have been very busy and have integrated various improvements to the labels. Some of your wishes have also been taken into account.

What is new?

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1. Dropdown with filter function

To ensure clarity with large groups, the labels now automatically become a filterable group, if they would take up too much space. To make the search for labels within the dropdown fast, an autocomplete function has been integrated.

2. Additional labels for minor versions

We have added more default labels for minor versions. For example, you can now filter all 4.9 versions with just a single click.

3. Renaming labels

It is now possible to rename the existing labels without creating them from scratch. To do so, click on the "cog wheel icon" in the upper right corner and then edit the respective label using the "pencil icon".

Note: For bigger groups, you must first select the corresponding label in the drop-down list.

4. Adding and deleting multiple labels

Labels can now be edited on multiple Contao installations at the same time. To do so, select the respective installations by clicking on the trakked logo. Then click on the green button at the bottom of the screen and hit "Edit labels". You can now add or delete the corresponding labels.

5. OR filter

If it logically makes sense, you will now see a switch for OR filtering within certain groups. For example, you can now easily find out which installations are subject to a charge. Just connect the labels "Manager" and "Monitoring" with the new "OR" switch.

6. More improvements

  • Labels are always created with colon after the group
  • Auto-completion of labels has been improved
  • Performance improvements in the search and filter function
  • Output of affected packages in the list of security vulnerabilities

The new features are available in trakked now!

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