From now on, trakked will notify you as soon as a new vulnerability is discovered in one of your Contao installations or dependent packages.

Last year we introduced the weekly summaries. Here you already receive a list of installations that are affected by a security vulnerability. However, as the name suggests, you will only receive the mail once a week. So there is a possibility that a vulnerability goes unnoticed for a week and your installation is exposed to an increased risk.

This is now a thing of the past! From now on, trakked sends you an email for every discovered security vulnerability and lists the affected installations.

How to enable security vulnerability notification

Each trakked user can define the setting individually in their settings.

  1. Log in to trakked
  2. Click on the "user icon" in the upper right corner and choose "settings"
  3. Click on "Notifications" in the navigation
  4. Section "Security Vulnerability Alerts"
  5. Set the corresponding checkbox to "active" for each desired organization.

Done! We will now send you an email as soon as a new vulnerability is found in an installation.

In order for security vulnerabilities to be detected for a Contao installation, it must be trakked, i.e. an active connection to the Contao Manager must be established.

Check out the new feature in the video:

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Further improvements

  • Reminders can now also be repeated quarterly and semi-annually.
  • In case of connection problems with the Contao Manager due to the SSL certificate, an improved error message is displayed.
  • We have also made minor optimizations to the mail templates.
  • The filters for security vulnerabilities, monitoring down and connection problems now directly display the number of affected installations. For all other filters, the number is visible on hover.

It's best to sign up for trakked right now and enable vulnerability notification.

You don't have a trakked account yet? Here's how you can test trakked for 30 days without any commitment!

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