At the end of last year we added reminders to trakked and thanks to your feedback we have now added more improvements. Also, the package filter now shows all packages or extensions including dependencies.

Check out the new features in this short video:

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You can now specify multiple recipients per reminder. For this, the users must be members of your organization. Another improvement is the introduction of recurring reminders. This way you only have to create the reminder once and from now on you will receive an automatic notification from trakked every week, month or year. In practice, this is great for maintenance contracts or other regular website checks.

How to create new reminders is explained in this blog post.

Package filter

Until now, there were different names for "packages" in the trakked app. Depending on the dialog, it either said "Extensions" or "Packages". The term "extensions" is widely used in the Contao community, but the term "package" is better suited for trakked, as we're showing all packages, not only Contao "extensions".

On this occasion, we have extended the filter for packages. It now also allows to find all packages including dependencies.

Here is a simple example. Let's assume you install the extension "Isotope eCommerce", which itself requires - among others - the package "Notification Center" as a dependency. Until now you couldn't find the package "Notification Center" via the filter as it was not a direct requirement of your installation. We have now changed this behavior and all dependent packages are displayed in the filter too.

Feedback desired

Are the improvements helpful for you? Feel free to write us a comment or send an email to our support.

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