When using trakked, there are some actions you need more often than others. To help you complete your tasks with fewer clicks, we have integrated a context menu in trakked.

Take a look at this short video:

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How the context menu works

Short and sweet:

The best thing to do is to try out the new context menu yourself. To activate it, position the pointer on a closed installation and use the right click or the secondary gesture. Then select the desired action.

The more detailed explanation

The context menu is only available for desktop users with a viewport width of 1024px or more. Depending on the status of the installation, you will find more or less entries in the context menu.

Default actions

For a Contao installation with an active Manager connection, the following actions are available:

  • Prepare update
  • Add reminder
  • Refresh system information
  • Quicklinks

Actions on the update process

Depending on the status of the update, there are the following entries:

  • Prepare update
  • Show update history
  • Install update
  • Discard update
  • Mark as done

Also helpful: The current update status is always displayed. (e.g. Update ready for installation.) We are convinced that you will be able to perform the update process a bit faster with the new context menu.

Assign labels to new installations

A small but nice improvement: When creating an installation, you can now directly enter the corresponding labels.

More helpful features to speed up the work with trakked

In addition to the new context menu, there are other functions that help you save clicks and ensure you are even more productive!

Keyboard shortcuts

The following options are available to navigate through the installations.

  • Esc = close open installation
  • Arrow right = next installation
  • Arrow left = previous installation

In the detail view of an installation you can use the following shortcuts to navigate through the different sections:

  • M = Monitoring
  • S = Security
  • U = Updates
  • C = Configuration
  • R = Reminders
  • L = Open direct links

I would like to take advantage of this blog post to remind you about our very handy cheat sheet:

Multiple selection

You want to add the same label to multiple installations? No problem, just use the multiple selection. By clicking on the small trakked logo in front of each installation, you can select multiple installations and perform various actions.

The following actions are currently available:

  • Move to organisation
  • Update system information
  • Prepare updates
  • Discard updates
  • Edit labels


In addition to the standard links (website, Contao back end, Contao Manager, Install Tool), you can add any other links per installation. For example, do you always need the link to the webmail or hosting control panel? No problem, just add a new entry to the list.

We wish you plenty of fun and lots of work done faster thanks to trakked.

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