In the last few months, we have been working intensively on the update function of trakked to further simplify the update process and reduce the workload. In this post, I present the most comprehensive feature release since the launch of trakked 2.0.

Experience the easier way of working with the new Update Cockpit and see all the new features in the video below:

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Update Cockpit

In addition to the standard view for installations, there is now a separate area specifically for updates. In the Update Cockpit, trakked displays exactly the information that is important for the update process. With our new update view you can see when the last update was performed for the respective installation at a glance. Another adjustment is that you no longer have to open the details of the installation to perform the update actions. For this purpose, we have added the most important action buttons directly in the list. This reduces the number of clicks and you always have an overview of what is going on. The filter & search bar is still available as usual.

Start installation of several updates at once

Until now, you could only prepare several updates, but you had to work through the installation process of each and every one individually. This is now a thing of the past! Now you can simply select all desired installations and install the Contao updates with one click. Besides the actions "prepare" and "install", you can also use "discard" and "archive" in the multiple selection.

trakked recognizes open database migrations

If you are already using trakked, then the following procedure is probably familiar to you: You have installed the Contao update via trakked and now you have to open the Contao Manager and check if there are any open database migrations. This is annoying and consumes your precious time, especially if it turns out that there are no migrations after all.

We have solved this problem as well and so trakked now automatically checks in the background if there are database migrations. If pending migrations have been detected, then an additional icon is displayed. So you only need to open the Contao Manager if there are really database migrations.

Of course, there is also a new filter option for pending migrations.

But that is not all. The check takes place regularly in the background and works independently of the update process. If you have forgotten to migrate the database when installing packages, this will also be displayed. In addition, you will receive a warning in our weekly summary notification in case you enabled it. This way you can make sure that you don't miss out on any migrations and that the databases are always up to date.

Improvements in update log

Besides the new Update Cockpit, we have added a few new features to the update history.

Summary per log entry

To make your processes even more efficient, we have added a new box with a summary of the update history on top.

Backup and download of composer.json and composer.lock

To be on the safe side when updating, we have added a backup function for the "composer.json" and "composer.lock". The files are automatically saved with every update, so you can download an older version and install it on your server if needed. Yanick has also made sure that starting with Contao 4.13, a backup of the database is stored in the var/backups directory before the database migration.

Automated detection of changes

From now on, trakked automatically detects if packages have changed in your Contao installation. Be it by a manual update of Contao via the Contao Manager or by the installation or removal of an extension. This way, the update log is always up to date and you can precisely track which changes have been made for each individual installation.

More overview, less effort: The trakked Update Cockpit

Our tests have shown that the new trakked Update Cockpit significantly reduces the workload for Contao updates. Especially if you have a large number of installations, you will benefit from a clearer overview and more comfort through easy multiple selection of update actions. Try it out and share your experience with us!

If you still do your updates manually, then test trakked without obligation with full functionality for 30 days.

Our developers are already working on the next improvements. See you soon!

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