Contao 5.3.3, a new version of the Contao open source CMS, has been released.

This release fixes bugs that were introduced in the last release.

Why is there a bugfix release published shortly before a security vulnerability is closed?

When Contao 4.9.6 was released, we did not have this separation yet. There were problems with the update via the Contao Manager as well as bugs that had to be fixed the next day in a new version 4.9.7. Therefore, the core team decided not to mix security and bugfix versions anymore. Security releases will henceforth contain only the changes necessary to close the vulnerabilities.

Changelog of the fixed issues in Contao 5.3.3:

  • #7045 Fix a bug in `setIfExists()` with Stringable objects (ausi)
  • #7044 Fix double encoding/decoding in the `HtmlAttributes` class (ausi)

About Contao 5.3 LTS

The first stable version of Contao 5.3 has been released on February 16, 2024, replacing Contao 4.13 as the long term support version. As an LTS version, 5.3 will be provided with bug fixes until February 14, 2027 and security-related updates until February 14, 2028. Contao 5.7 will be the next LTS version of Contao and will be released in February 2026, ensuring a stress-free transition.

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