Contao 5.1.3, a new version of the Contao open source CMS, has been released.

As always, this release contains all changes of the latest 4.13.20. In addition, an error in counting the newsletter recipients was fixed and the news archive list restricts the allowed news archives correctly again. At no time was there a problem with the permissions, it was just a display issue.

Why is there a bugfix release published shortly before a security vulnerability is closed?

When Contao 4.9.6 was released, we did not have this separation yet. There were problems with the update via the Contao Manager as well as bugs that had to be fixed the next day in a new version 4.9.7. Therefore, the core team decided not to mix security and bugfix versions anymore. Security releases will henceforth contain only the changes necessary to close the vulnerabilities.

Changelog of the fixed issues in Contao 5.1.3:

About Contao 5.1

The first stable version of Contao 5.1 has been released on 15 February 2023 and was the successor of Contao 5.0. 5.1 has been updated until 14 August 2023, after which it has been replaced by Contao 5.2.

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