Contao 4.9.29, a new version of the Contao open source CMS, has been released.

The latest bugfix release of the 4.9 series contains a bugfix regarding the version conflict changes in the previous release. Using subpalette checkboxes do now not cause any version conflicts anymore. Furthermore, the RSS feeds and a lot of minor bugs have been fixed.

Changelog of the fixed issues in Contao 4.9.29:

About Contao 4.9 LTS

The first stable version of Contao 4.9 has been released on February 18, 2020, replacing Contao 4.4 as the long term support version. As an LTS version, 4.9 has been be provided with bug fixes until February 14, 2023 and security-related updates until February 14, 2024. Contao 4.13 was the next LTS version of Contao and has been released in February 2022, ensuring a stress-free transition.

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