Contao 4.11.3, a new version of the Contao open source CMS, has been released.

This release fixes numerous bugs, some of which are related to PHP 8.0. If you are using PHP 8.0, be sure to install this update. In other news, the favicon integration and the wrong URLs in the RSS feeds have been fixed. The {{date::*}} insert tag now correctly uses the date format configured in the root page settings.
Contao now no longer only shows "unknown option" but also the corresponding value for it.
Since Chrome - as the last of the major browser vendors - now supports the "width" and "height" attributes on the "<source>" element too, this has been adopted for the default templates.
To minimize the risk of endless redirects, the HTTPS setting in the Contao root page is now enabled by default when the backend is accessed via HTTPS.
Relevant for developers: CSS classes and IDs are now applied to the alias content element when using the new fragments too.

Furthermore, Contao can now also be used in Swedish.

Changelog of the fixed issues in Contao 4.11.3:

  • #2991 Enable "useSSL" by default unless the backend request is insecure (ausi)
  • #2969 Fix more PHP 8 undefined array index errors (ausi)
  • #2982 Add width/height attributes to the picture source (ausi)
  • #2966 Update the functional tests section in (ArndtZiegler)
  • #2927 Use CSS to add the main headline separators (leofeyer)
  • #2919 Prevent an 'Undefined array key "id"' warning in the clipboard (leofeyer)
  • #2923 Fix more PHP 8 undefined array index errors (ausi)
  • #2922 Fix another PHP 8 undefined array index error (ausi)

About Contao 4.11

The first stable version of Contao 4.11 has been released on 17 February 2021 and was the successor of Contao 4.10. 4.11 has been prvoided with updates until 14 August 2021, after which it was replaced by Contao 4.12.

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