We did it again. Today we present you the following two new features in trakked. First, you can now manage as many reminders as you want per installation, and second, we've added a Dark Mode to the app.

How to add a reminder

Imagine you handle your maintenance contracts with the help of trakked and want to be reminded of the next steps (e.g. informing the customer or writing the invoice) before the end of a contract period.

Now you can add as many reminders as you want per installation. When you create a reminder, you simply select the date and time for sending the reminder and enter a text to it.

Using the "Reminders" filter, you can later quickly find all installations with an active reminder. If necessary, you can also delete the reminders again.

Pro tip

Reminders are created per user and installation. If you work in a team and want to create shared reminders, it is a good idea to create an additional user for this purpose. To do so, select "Invite user" in the desired organization, enter the shared e-mail address and create all reminders using this user.

Watch the short video about it now:

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Want to change to the dark side?

Based on the operating system settings, the login page will now appear in the desired mode. Of course, you can also override the setting in your profile.


We wish you a lot of fun with trakked! We would appreciate a comment and as always, you can find out what's next on our public roadmap!

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