We are trakked

Get to know the team

trakked was initially released at the Contao Conference 2018 in Salzburg. It has been continuously developed by Andreas, Yanick, Alex, Bjarke and Christian ever since.

#ux, #gardening & #DIY

Andreas Schempp

Andy is in charge of the user interface of trakked. If you've never had the pleasure, you've surely come across lines of code from him in the Contao environment. Be it as the main developer of the Contao Manager or Isotope eCommerce, the online shop solution for Contao. As a core developer, he is significantly involved in the further development of Contao. When he's not in the kitchen, he's in his garden, trying to find his green thumb or trying his hand at DIY.

#code, #basketball & #music

Yanick Witschi

Yanick is the specialist for the logic of the application at trakked. He is Contao's resolver hero and responsible for making your coffee break a lot shorter since the switch to Composer 2 in Contao Manager. He was a co-founder and the first president of the predecessor of the Contao Association and as a core developer he puts a lot of heart and soul into our favorite CMS. He loves cooking, guitar, basketball, tennis, politics, the African continent and astrophysics.

#music, #movement & #isotope

Bjarke Ammann

Bjarke takes care of the website and support. If you like reading, you might have come across his Contao Two Month Review or found an answer to your question in the official Contao user manual. He also makes sure that Contao enthusiasts from Switzerland meet regularly to exchange ideas. He loves culinary delights, good music and exercise in the fresh air.

#contaoacademy #marketing & #dad

Christian Feneberg

Christian takes care of the marketing at trakked. You probably know Christian from television (Contao TV), he leads with Dennis through the Contao Show. He is the founder of the Contao Academy and loves to share his Contao knowledge, collected since 2010, with interested people. He is also a big fan of automation. When time allows, he likes to spend his free time with his family or reading a book about personal development.

#cooking, #logicpro & #prepress

Alex Martinez

Alex is responsible for the design at trakked. As Contao representative for Spain, he makes sure that Contao and the happy news on contao.org are available in the local language. When he is not typing for his customers, he is screwing around on his analog synthesizers. Alex likes to stand in the kitchen or enjoy the silence while climbing a mountain.